• What Is Namkeen? Persian/Indian Mixed Spice That You’ll Love 2021


    A Brief History of Namkeen

    Namkeen is a Persian and Indian mixed spice, originally from India. The word Namkeen means “spicy” in Hindi. This blend can be used to make curries or as an addition to any dish for some extra flavor.

    While the ingredients of namkeen are typically kept secret, it’s been said that cumin, coriander, black pepper, cloves, and cinnamon are just a few of the spices that may be included in this mixture. Try using Namkeen on your next cooking adventure!

    NamkeenThe mixed spice of Persia and India

    Whether you are looking for a subtle spicy heat or something spicy with a little kick, this aromatic blend can be used as a seasoning for meat, vegetables or seafood or even whole grains.

    Namkeen lends an interesting and unique flavor to a wide variety of dishes and can be used as a dip or garnish. It is available both in bulk and in the form of a powder, although many may prefer to cook with the mixture itself.

    A Brief History of Namkeen

    The word namkeen is a Persian word that literally translates to “spice blend.” The spice blend was introduced by the Persians to India during the Mughal Empire. It came to be known as namkeen, which is now a part of Indian cuisine. Indians even include namkeen in their prayers when speaking about prayer time.

    Cumin, Coriander, Black Pepper, and Cloves May Be Included in this Coriander is one of the spices that can be used in this. It’s a common ingredient in Asian cuisine. Cumin is also an important part of Indian cooking. While coriander and cumin are similar in texture, the spice blend is quite different. This blend has both the aroma and flavor of coriander and cumin, but with the added flavor of black pepper and cloves.

    Best Selling Namkeen In India 2021

    Namkeen is spicy

    Namkeen is unique in that it’s not a traditional ingredient, it’s a blend of spices, not a single one. That’s why it’s considered a “spicy” spice blend and na/not a whole spice. When it’s combined with other spices, it enhances the spice flavor and intensity of a dish, but you won’t find any “hot” spice here. That’s because this blend doesn’t contain any black peppercorns, which is the usual denominator of hot spices.

    How to Use Namkeen Now that you know what it is, how can you use it? Let’s say you’re eating pizza for dinner and you’d like to spice it up. You could buy some Parmesan cheese and roll out a crust with it and use a combination of it, oregano, garlic, and some red pepper flakes for the sauce.

    Namkeen can be used to make curries

    Namkeen can be used to make curry paste Namkeen can be added to many vegetarian dishes, such as tofu, curries, and vegetable dishes Namkeen can be added to meat dishes such as chicken, beef and mutton Namkeen can also be added to many non-vegetarian meals such as eggs, chicken, mutton and even fish How To Use Namkeen There are two ways that you can use namkeen in your cooking.

    The first way is to grind the spices in a food processor or spice grinder to make a paste. The other way is to make a small batch of it, then add it to your favorite dish for a spicy, savory addition! Below are some examples of how namkeen can be used in different recipes.

    1. Shahi Tukra Shahi Tukra, or Tukra as it’s commonly known, is a Biryani dish popular in India.

    Namkeen can be used to add flavor to any dish

    Tips for Mixing Namkeen Once you’ve gotten a hang of this spice blend, you’ll be making it at home all the time. The following tips can help you make the perfect namkeen recipe: Mixing it is similar to mixing other spices, such as paprika, chili flakes or curry powder, in that you should get a fairly even distribution in the mixture.

    This will give you the best flavor. Mix in your dry ingredients one by one, then your wet ingredients last. This helps to create a paste that sticks together and doesn’t get separated during the mixing process.


    Namkeen is a surprisingly versatile spice that works well in a variety of recipes. It can add a zesty flavor to traditional dishes or it can be used in a gluten-free baking recipe to create a delicious dessert.

    It can be served as an accent or used as an ingredient to complement a meal. Did you know you can find it in your local grocery store? Below are some of the most commonly available brands of namkeen to get you started.

    Can You Buy Namkeen online? Yes! it is available online from top online spice shops such as Online Spices Direct, Herbosophy (to get one of the best values on Namkeen in an array of authentic Indian blends), and Amazon India. These online retailers also offer certified authentic blends of namkeen.

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