• 10 Best Types Of Puffed Snacks You Should Try

    Puffed Snacks

    Puffing snacks is a hot trend in the food industry. Puffed snacks are popping up everywhere, from fast food to restaurants to vending machines.

    Puffed snacks are all puffed up, right? Wrong. There are different types of puffed snacks. Here are the 6 best types of puffed snacks you should try.

    10 Best Puffed Snacks

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    1. Amazon Brand – Vedaka Fox Nuts (Phool Makhana)

    Arguably the “King of Nuts”, the fox nut’s popularity has been growing steadily in India for a long time. The small, fleshy, shell-less nuts are rich in protein and have an impressive amino acid profile.
    They are also high in dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. Along with an assortment of other important nutrients, they provide a good source of an energy-a vital factor in our body’s overall wellbeing. Fox nuts are also loved for their delicious taste. They are available

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    2. Rajbhog Fox Nuts (Phool Makhana)

    Rajbhog is a meatless product made of boiled groundnuts. This product contains all the essential nutrients required for a healthy lifestyle.
    It is a vegetarian product and a healthy food option for vegetarians. Phool Makhana is a low-calorie and protein-rich food source. It has great taste and is delicious.

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    3. Peppy Cheese Balls,

    This is a Vegetarian product. It is made from whole corn and using an elaborate extrusion process, Peppy Cheese xxxxx are coated with a lip-licking cheese flavor. Their unique USP, a melt-in-the-mouth feel, makes gorging on Peppy Cheese xxxxx, such an out.

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    4. Amazon Brand – Vedaka Puffed Rice

    Eat healthily and stay fit with Vedaka Puffed Rice
    Enjoy the goodness of rice while keeping an eye on your diet. This is a low-calorie, tasty, healthy, and all-natural food that can be easily prepared into a delicious snack that is made from rice puffed up partially.
    This puffed rice is rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins. This puffed rice is far better than the regular puffed rice. It has less fat and less calories than regular puffed rice. It is

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    5. SFT Fox Nut (Phool Makhana) Lotus Seed

    Phool Makhana is a hard-to-find product in India. Soft is the only company that has been specializing in the production of this amazing product.
    All our products are packed with care and freshness. Soft always ensures that our customers get the best products at great prices.

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    6. 24 Mantra Organic Natural Puffed Rice Organic,

    Puffed rice is a versatile product made from rice grains. Puffing is a process in which a sudden release of water vapor causes the expansion of pre-gelatinized grains.
    The most important property of puffed rice is its ability to expand in volume when exposed to water vapor. This enhances its volume and maintains its shape. Puffed rice is also heat resistant and high on quality.
    The puffed rice grains are also light, airy, and delicate, which makes it ideal for making

    10 Best Types Of Puffed Snacks You Should Try

    • 10 Best Puffed Snacks


    Puffed snacks are all the rage these days. But what is a puffed snack? There are different types of puffed snacks, and we’re here to tell you about them! Here’s our list of the 6 best types of puffed snacks you should try.
    You’ll never have to worry about being bored with your food again because there’s always something new to try! And if you’re looking for a quick bite on the go, they make great options too. Check out this list and see which one sounds good to you!


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